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WelcomeAurora Surgical is now three years old but the sculptors who refine our instruments go back three generations. Take a tour of our site, try out an instrument or two, and become Aurorafied!
HistoryThe principles at Aurora Surgical have more than 40 years of ophthalmic surgical experience. Sometimes we feel like it has been even longer. Just kidding... we love what we do!
Diamond KnivesAurora's diamond knives are made with natural gem quality diamonds. We offer a 2 week trial on diamond knives and a repair program. Yea, we drop things too.

What's New?

Amniotic Tissue Forceps

Aurora Surgical has two new forceps for Amniotic Tissue!

Forceps are designed to easily grasp and place tissue helping to eliminate guesswork about more…

Weekly Specials

Shepherd Capsule Polishing Curettes

$ 150.00

Especially well designed to clean the underside of the anterior capsule as well as the posterior capsule surface.  Very helpful in loosening up hidden cortex.  Several versions available to ensure 360 degrees of access.  This is a weekly special.  When they are gone they are gone.  You can always order another but not at this price.

Braunstein Fixed Calipers

$ 35.00

Accurately marks injection site for intravitreal injections and also sclerotomy site for vitreous surgery.  Especially designed to be quick and easy to use.  This is a weekly special when they are gone they are gone.  You can always order them but not at this price. Buy 2 Get 1 Free!


Westcott Curved Tenotomy Scissors, Blunt Tip, 13mm

$ 200.00

Westcott Curved Tenotomy Scissors, Blunt Tip, 13mm, Flat Handle.  An amazing price on a beautiful little pair of Westcott Scissors.  Regularly $280... Save $80 but when they are gone they are gone.